Rohith Vemula: Shahadath Din

Jai Bheem to all…🙏
As part of our struggle and protest to get Justice for my brother Rohit Vemula, we’ve come to meet you and participated in the programmes organised by individual organizations since one year. And we have observed a lot of progress of being united.

Now we, Radhika Vemula and Raja Vemula, the family members of Rohit Vemula requesting all of you, who we met so far and who shows their solidarity, to come to Hyderabad on 17th January, 2017 and pay tribute to my brother’s Stupa along with us.
Hope you all will come to Hyderabad university.

Will you…?

Thank you,

Jai Bheem 🙏
Radhika Vemula
Raja Vemula


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