Street Vendors’ Protest Rally – Photographs. Aug 3rd 2016. Bengaluru.

#Bruhat Bengaluru Beedhi Vyapari Sanghatanegala Okkuta





These are photographs documenting the Street Vendors’ Protest/Bandh/March that took place in Bengaluru on August 3rd 2016. For more information do see their Facebook page:

Demands put forth include:

1) The state government must put pressure on the central government to ensure that the modifications to the Shops and Establishments act must be put on hold. These modifications, if allowed at the Centre must not be implemented in Bangalore.

2) The state government must ensure that the central government’s decision to allow 100% FDI in retail sales of food products must be reversed.

3) The government must give an assurance to the vendors that they will not be evicted and that all evicted vendors must be allowed to vend in their earlier place. That an order be passed stating that the street vendors act not be violated by the BBMP and Police officials. This order must be followed by the authorities.

4) BBMP advocates must be briefed on the Street Vendors Act and the responsibility of ensuring the rights of Street Vendors.

5) The government must train its officials – BBMP officials, BBMP advocates, Police and others of the street vending law and the importance of street vending

6) The budget of 2 crores that has been set aside for street-vending in this years BBMP budget must be used to provide basic facilities – drinking water, toilets, storage facility, shelters from rain and sun in all street vending markets.

(From their press release)

More pictures here:

A video of the day’s happenings here:







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